Seekers Falls is a waterfall wellness spa that will give our guests a unique day of rest, healing, learning, fun and adventure. Located near the Central Pacific coast of Costa Rica, an elegant and inspiring design enhances a place of extraordinary natural beauty and power.  Each one of our concept-designed healing pods opens onto a different waterfall - that guests can swim to, lie under, sit on and embrace. The healing power of water will not just be experienced, it will be explained - by a series of messages posted in a circular lounge that connects the people and the place. Our guests will receive a series of unique healing treatments based on the unique Seekers Method. These are followed by periods of rest, with time to connect, relax, meditate, learn, explore … or simply be.  


To support our vision of service, we have established Seekers Farms, known to our neighbours as la Finca Seekers. A medicinal plant garden helps us explain the healing power of plants on tours and workshops. A permaculture farm is producing food, spices and medicines while healing the soil to increase yields. We do this to help our neighbours transition to alternative farming systems, without pesticides or fertilizers. This is the only truly sustainable solution for humanity, and is a way to truly heal the Earth, which is why our community outreach projects promote organic farming and permaculture as drivers of economic development of the region.  With an emphasis on sustainable agriculture, natural healing and green entrepreneurship, we hope to transform our region.  


Seekers Health Costa Rica Limitada was estabished to support the development of Seekers Falls and its projects. Our team is working to create a safe, efficient, leave-no-trace operation that creates an extraordinary experience for our guests while protecting and nourishing this very special place. We believe that engaging our community to make this happen is good for all of us, which we are doing with partnerships that support alternative farming, green entrepreneurship, health and wellness.


​With its emphasis on the environment and ecotourism, Costa Rica is an ideal place for Seekers Falls. This country is a beacon for Seekers everywhere, making it a great place to plant a seed for change. 


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